Why Choose Us

This isn’t a marketing gimmick for us. This is our lifestyle that we have always had. We’ve always used all-natural housekeeping techniques and cleaning products in our home. Our hand-made natural cleaners have been tried and tested in our home first. We only use non-toxic cleaners in our home, so we will only do the same in yours.

There is no one perfect eco-friendly company, but true green cleaning companies take important steps in being environmentally and socially responsible. However, unfortunately there are companies out there that call themselves green or eco-friendly for marketing purposes when they aren’t. This is called greenwashing. We won’t greenwash you. We will always be up front with you. As technology changes and our company grows, we will keep this list updated, so you can be aware of everything that we are doing to help the environment.

  • The environmentally-friendly cleaning products we use are hand-made to ensure they are all-natural, non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Our vacuum traps very small particles and does not put them back into the air.
  • Whenever we can, we recycle cotton cleaning cloths from towels that would otherwise have been thrown in a landfill.
  • We use both lambs wool dusters with natural lanolin and washable cotton, rather than a man-made fiber. We would never use a disposable duster that goes into a landfill right after you use it.
  • Our dusting cloths are microfiber, which have a long lifespan and can pick up many smudges and bacteria, reducing the need for a lot of cleaning products.
  • We use microfiber mop heads, which are machine washable and long-lived, keeping them from going to the landfill too early.
  • Wherever we can, we buy environmentally-friendly products or tools with the highest possible post-consumer content, such as the 95% post-consumer file folders used in our office and our client binders, which are rebinders, made of recycled materials and are 100% recyclable and are made in the USA by disabled and disadvantaged people.
  • Our cleaning products are made by us out of natural, non-toxic ingredients, which are better for the environment than commercially-available cleaning products.
  • Whenever we can, we buy locally. As members of Dane Buy Local, it is important to us to support our community.
  • Our mop heads and cleaning cloths are washed in an Energy Star washer using environmentally-friendly laundry detergent.
  • Our building has had an energy rating and has had 95% of the recommendations performed on it. For more information on energy ratings, go to www.focusonenergy.com.
  • 100% of the lights in our building are Energy Star compact fluorescent bulbs. For more information on Energy Star lighting go to www.focusonenergy.com.
  • The siding on our building is eco-friendly fiber cement.
  • Natura Clean is a member of SustainDane, Dane Buy Local and The Nature Conservancy.
  • We invest in green energy through our utility.
  • We don’t use anything that is disposable, so no Swiffers, no paper towels, etc.

Currently Serving the Following Areas!

Middleton, Madison, Monona, Fitchburg, Verona, Cross Plains, Black Earth, Waunakee