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Disinfecting Services

You need the professionals who know the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting, and when and where to use each method. Under normal circumstances, a detailed, thorough cleaning would be appropriate. However, these are not normal times. With the outbreak of COVID-19 homeowners, homebuyers, office managers, and building managers know they need to do more and disinfect, but don’t know where to turn for disinfecting services. As a result, they need to turn to professional who are properly trained.

Trained Professionals

We at Natura Clean are trained in not only cleaning and sanitizing, but disinfecting to reduce the spread of infection. Disinfecting needs to be done by professionals who are trained and know what they are doing with the correct tools and disinfectant. And it’s not something that anyone can just do by spraying and wiping. It involves knowledge. Knowing which product should be used, making sure the correct “dwell time” is followed (hint: it’s not just spraying and wiping), understanding what the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) should be for each situation, understanding traffic flow and touch points in each home or building, and understanding our limits and when a hazmat firm should be used instead. It’s a job that only true professionals can do and shouldn’t be left up to someone who grabbed a bottle of bleach or Lysol and just started a cleaning company. Your goal is to break the chain of infection in your home or building, and that’s our goal, too. It’s about the health of the people in the home or building.

Our Disinfecting Services

One of our founders has been trained and tested in the science of surfaces, soil removal, and health with the IICRC, and we use this knowledge in our cleaning business and our disinfecting services. We train our employees in disinfection, especially touch point disinfection. And the areas where we are currently providing disinfecting services to help reduce the spread of infection of COVID-19 are Move-in and Move-out, Commercial, Common Areas, Post-construction, and Residential. Please see below for information on each area.

Move-in and Move-out Cleanings

We’ve always provided a detailed deep cleaning for move-in and move-out cleanings. We clean everything by hand and get rid of the built-up grease, hard water, and grime so you can be sure you are moving into a clean home (if you are moving in) or providing the new owners a clean home (if you are moving out). And we now offer disinfecting as an important option for these cleanings. When you move in, you want to be sure you are not only moving into a clean home, but one that has been disinfected, too.

Commercial Cleaning

Right now is the perfect time to hire trained professionals to come in and disinfect your office or business, since everyone is working from home. We can do a deep clean plus disinfection or provide disinfection only if you already have someone cleaning for you. It will provide peace of mind when your employees return back to work and show them you care.

Common Area Cleaning

This is the time when condo and apartment buildings need more help and disinfection. As a result of COVID-19, people are working from home, and they are touching handles in the building, railings, buttons on the elevators. All of these areas need disinfection and we can help!

Post-construction Cleaning

We’ve been doing post-construction cleaning for 13 years and are a member of NARI. We do post-construction right…the first time! And now we offer disinfecting services so the homeowner can enjoy their new home, room, or addition and know it’s not only new, but clean.

Residential Cleaning

As COVID-19 hit the U.S., we began disinfection services for all of our existing clients who wanted it. We began strict protocol of disinfecting every single thing we bring into clients’ homes, strict protocol of what we do when we enter and leave a home, and strict protocol on how we disinfect. It adds time to cleaning the home, but for this outbreak it is important. Our clients are concerned about their health and their family’s health and want the peace of mind that disinfection can add, so we are offering this service to any new client who wants to sign on.

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Testimonials from our Clients about Our Disinfecting Procedure

Thanks for all you do for us to keep us healthy, clean and happy! Renee F.

You are incredible! Thanks so much for all you are doing during this uncertain period! Ann Z.

We congratulate you for the way you handle the situation and we are with you. It makes a big difference for the morale of the troops, if I can say. Andree B.

You are a true professional, trying to take care of yourself, your employees, and your clients. Cherie C.

We really appreciate the sense of craftsmanship–of excellence in your work–that you and Luis bring to your work. Dave R.

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